Information for Travel Agents
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Information for Travel Agents

Why book Rust’s Flying Service and K2 Aviation?


Your clients will be satisfied with the best and largest flightseeing air taxi transport company in Alaska. We offer versatile seating in different configurations to accommodate different sizes of groups.


We have been in business over 40 years; the Rust family stands behind the service and safety record. We meet the insurance requirements of the largest tour operators in Alaska.


We operate a large, well maintained fleet of planes. All of our seats have window views; all seats have headsets and microphones in which your clients can not only listen to the pilot narration and point out the animals and landscape features but can ask questions and listen to music. The large fleet size means that you can book a group with us and we can move them to their destination promptly, whether it is to a wilderness lodge, or for flightseeing, and fishing or bear viewing.

What You Need to Know to Book:

When you call our office, you should be prepared with what your clients want to do; if it is a custom destination or event, we are happy to work with you on scheduling. We will need to know accurate weights of your clients for plane scheduling and balancing. If someone does not want to transmit an individual weight, you may group passengers together.


Sometimes the weather does not co-operate. We will make effort to either re book or take an alternative trip. We will make a refund if the trip is canceled.


“Rust’s and K2 pay commissions promptly and are very easy to book.”

Matthew from AskMatt, Millennium Hotel, Anchorage, Alaska.

That says it all; we take good care of our travel industry partners.

We are members of the following organizations:

  • Travel Industry of America
  • Alaska Travel Industry Association
  • Anchorage Convention and Visitors Association
  • Mat-Su Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Talkeetna Chamber of Anchorage
  • Anchorage Chamber of Anchorage
  • Alaska Airmen Association


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