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Alaska Hunting Trips: Moose & Black Bear

Alaska is the "last frontier", a wild and challenging land where moose and bear roam a vast, untouched landscape. Rust's specializes in flying hunters into these quality hunting areas.

Your Alaska hunting trip begins on our dock on Lake Hood, the world's largest seaplane base, at the Anchorage airport. After takeoff, our experienced pilots will fly you 150 miles west into roadless territory, a mountainous area dotted with lakes where both rifle and bowhunters have claimed many exceptional trophies. Here, in the legendary Lake Clark, Mulchatna and Stony River valleys, is where you'll find trophy moose.

Alaska Moose & Black Bear Hunting

Depending on your plans, you can hunt moose or black bear singly or in combination. Many of the game areas provide excellent opportunities, but if you prefer the experience of hunting in two areas, a move to a second site can be pre-arranged. At the end of your hunt we'll return to transport you, your game and trophies back to Anchorage.

Rust's unguided fly-in hunts are the simple and inexpensive way to hunt the "last frontier". Our nearly 50 years of experience guarantee that you'll be hunting in the right place, at the right time. This season, plan an Alaska fly-in hunting trip with Rust's Flying Service and "let experience be your guide"!

"This is how we started our business. My father, Henry, loved to introduce clients to the best game opportunities in Alaska. Today, we continue his commitment to hunters and their big game experiences."   — Todd Rust

Hunting Trip Options:




Trophy Moose

8 or more


Moose Float

10 or more


… Add a move in the middle of your hunt: $500 more

Prices per hunter, two hunter minimum.
Each hunter is allotted 125 pounds ( 56 kilograms) of gear to bring on the plane.

Price Includes:

  • Round-trip seaplane flight from Anchorage, including all game and trophies.
  • Mid-hunt check to see how you’re doing.
  • Black bear at no extra cost.
  • Airport/Hotel courtesy van service.

    * Effective immediately, a 3% transportation tax will be collected on all flights.

You bring:

  • Food, hunting and camping gear, personal items
  • Hunting license and game tags
  • River rafts and accessories if your hunt involves a float. (Rentals available from our supplier.)

We’ll fly you out to hunt in the Lake Clark area (Unit 9B), Mulchatna valley (Unit 17B) , or Stony River Valley (Unit 19B).

Game Units Open Close


Units 9B, 17B

September 5

September 15


Unit 19B

September 5

September 20

Black Bear

Units 9B, 17B, 19B

No closed season

Note: Alaska law prohibits hunting the same day airborne.
Seasons subject to annual regulatory change.

For additional official information on licenses, permits, tag fees, seasons and game areas, contact the Alaska Department of Fish and Game
Box 3-2000
Juneau, AK 99802


Equipment Checklist::

  • Tent & rainfly
  • Light wool clothing
  • Tarp
  • Down clothing
  • Camp stove
  • Long underwear
  • Wood saw
  • Rain gear
  • Lantern
  • Hip boots
  • White gas
  • Gloves
  • Utensils
  • Light jacket
  • Sleeping bag
  • Foam pad
  • Pack frame
  • Rifle and ammo
  • First aid kit
  • Spotting scope
  • Game bags
  • Bow and arrows
  • Camera and film
  • Rope
  • Matches
  • Insect repellent
  • Garbage bags
  • Fresh food
  • Freeze dried food
  • Personal items

Things to Remember:

  • Baggage is limited to 125 pounds per person. Duffel bags and packs without frames work best.
  • Small boxes, soft sided bags and coolers are easier to load onto the plane than one large, bulky item such as an ice chest. Use plastic bags to protect gear as needed.
  • We recommend that half your food be freeze dried. This will help you stay within the floatplane weight limitations.
  • Please bring soft gun cases. Hard cases may be stored at our facility.
  • Pack flammables and unloaded firearms separately from other gear. Please note: as a safety precaution, these items must be declared and are subject to inspection.
  • Meat should be hung in game bags.
  • Coordinate with companions to avoid duplication of items.
  • Carry sleeping bags separately.
  • Help us keep Alaska beautiful! Please bag unburnable refuse for transport back to Anchorage.

Game processing and shipping

There are several reputable wild game processors in Anchorage who are happy to quote rates for processing and shipping your order. If your game is brought in mid-hunt, it can be picked up by the processor of your choice.

We do recommend Alaska Sausage and Seafood.

Call Rust’s Flying Service at 800-544-2299 to plan your Alaska hunting trip for Moose or Black Bear.



from Anchorage,

please call


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